Year 6

Year 6

Excursion | Immigration Museum and Sandridge Bridge

As part of our inquiry into human migration, the Year 6 students attend the Immigration Museum. The students learn about different migration stories and look at important migration periods throughout Australia’s history. They are provided with a ‘Passport’, which allows them to answer questions throughout each area of the museum. As part of the excursion, students walk across the Sandridge Bridge and looked at immigration sculptures and migration statistics from around the world.

“I found the immigration video to be fascinating because you got to hear different people's stories on their migration.” Matt 6DM

“I liked how we could use the touch screens to find out specific information on certain countries and its migration history.” Alannah 6CH

“It was great how there were displays in the boat that showed the conditions that the migrants had to go through in different periods of time.” Alex 6CD

Starting Great @ Milgate 2016

As part of our Starting Great @ Milgate program, students work in groups to create games using Scratch. These games are designed to introduce the students to their new classmates and find connections. 

Click on the names below to play their games:

Zenel, Matt, Alex 

Rohan, Tony and Oliver

Mahaliah, Alannah and Yvette

Jax, Ash and Abiha 

Mason, Isaac, Alessandro and Connor

Ali, Vishal and Dayson

Jordon, Kyran and Joey

Audrey, Sarah, Zoe and Rebecca

Jason, Jeremiah and Mosy

Andrea, Emma and Shanise

Aidan, Callum and George

Annie, Samuel, Ethan and Jo-Yen

Jordan, Darren and Jayden

Sophie, Nicole and Sarah

Isabel and Rebecca

Josh, Tyler and Evan

Amelia, Abbey and Jolene




2018 PYP Overview

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